Brave new & bold photography: no 1

Ok, so it has been about 9 months and 1.5 hours since I last posted here and I have to confess, it feels like starting all over again. To all of you who still check in here – thank you.
I had planned to post this on monday ie the monday that just was, but I have a great excuse. I caught a nasty and objectionable flue and spent the last couple of days in a dark room. Yesterday I was thrilled that I made it down the driveway, but today was a winner, as I made it up and out and over the hill again. Ok, it sounds more dramatic then it was, but I am more then happy to be over it.
Anyway… for the last few months I have been pondering how to begin again, but there were too many words… not enough… how much to share – what to share… who has still time to read a blog…. new ideas I would like to introduce… not enough time etc going round and round in my head. But this isnt the reason why I got up out of bed again at 12.52am again

Joerg Colberg & Colin Pantall wanted to celebrate new ideas in photography and were asking people to nominate up to five photographers who demonstrated an openness to use new ideas in photography, who have taken chances with their photography and have shown an unwillingness to play it safe.

For today I would like to nominate Taryn Simon
These images below are from her work “An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar”. This was the first project I ever came across by Taryn and have since been fascinated by the ones that followed. I find her work fascinating & intriguing, not only the way she frames and uses colour in her images, but the stories behind her images. The more you observe & look into her images, the more you seem to discover. The way they stand out, the resonance they leaves behind, the clarity you gain, the memories they create.

You can find all of her work also in the fabulous Gagosian Gallery app. But I am not here to tell you more about her work, but would rather inspire you to go and discover it for yourself.

ai 03 500x387 Brave new & bold photography: no 1
ai 04 500x387 Brave new & bold photography: no 1
ai 09 500x387 Brave new & bold photography: no 1
ai 16 500x387 Brave new & bold photography: no 1
ai 08 500x387 Brave new & bold photography: no 1
ai 02 500x387 Brave new & bold photography: no 1