Dogfighting ring

When I unpacked Jaka Babnik’s “We are dogs” book, I thought for a moment that I received a dogdog book – you know the kind – lovely, happy dog images with sunsets in the background, forever cute, chasing a bone, being cheeky etc.
But no – while Jaka’s book begins in all innocence – it broke my heart.
This book is about the brutal world of dog fighting. While I am glad we do not witness the extreme violence, it is what we do not see that makes this book so compelling.
The book starts slowly, makes you adore the little furry creatures, makes you wonder if the fights are real, or if the dogs are just playing innocently. But as you turn the pages, something sinister creeps in, something dark and untold. Your imagination is trying to connect all the little give away details in the images. And finally you find yourself asking – who are these people? Who is organising these illegal dog fights? Why? And how wide spread is this sport? Why do we need a sport of mutilated and bloody dogs?
“Dogs are highly social pack animals who need and deserve love, attention, and exercise and thrive in an environment that offers the companionship of other dogs and human guardians. Dogs who are used for fighting are chained, taunted, and starved in order to trigger extreme survival instincts and encourage aggression.” via Dogfighting makes me sad, sick & angry, but is unfortunately a $500 million and growing industry.

This stunning book is printed and handcrafted in their own backyard by Rostfreipublishing – a new publishing house in Slovenia.

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